Photography courses, tuition, tours & workshops in North Queensland, Australia

  • CPC0003-Cairns-Photo-Courses
    Take creative control of your camera with a beginner's digital SLR course
  • CPC0005-Cairns-Photo-Tour
    Learn new photographic techniques at some of the region's scenic attractions with a photo tour
  • CPC0001-Cairns-Photography-Course
    Capture images of North Queensland's people and lifestyles on a photo workshop
  • CPC0004-Cairns-Photography-Tour
    Improve your landscape photography skills and knowledge with our one-on-one tuition
  • CPC0006-Cairns-Photography-Workshop
    Discover the secrets of using light for great portraits with a photo workshop
  • CPC0002-Cairns-Photo-Training
    Immerse yourself in amazing tropical flora and fauna on a personalised photo tour



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Join us in North Queensland to immerse your creative passion and expand your photographic potential with one our upcoming photo courses or workshops...

Discover Digital SLR Photography - Have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but no idea how to use it?... This beginner's photography course in Cairns spread over four evening classes and an afternoon field shoot, enables you to take control of your camera and create better images.